Machon Hakorbanot


Mishmar Hamikdash and the Temple Mount Center have teamed up with Machon Hakorbanot. Machon Hakorbanot was founded in 5766 by R` Yehoshua Ben Yehudah, one of the real builders of Jerusalem. The goal of Machon Hakorbanot is to train Cohanim (priests) to be ready to resume their duties in the soon to be built Beith HaMikdash.


The Machon is building a cadre of Cohanim with s’micha (ordination) from the chachomim (leading rabbis) certifying that they are trained and knowledgeable and ready to do the `Avodah (Temple service). So far ten Cohanim have completed the course in shehita (ritual slaughter) and nikkur (removing the fats which are forbidden to be eaten and which are offered on the mizbe’ach (altar)).


As funding allows, the machon will expand to a full practical course on all aspects of the Temple service together with a Beit Midrash (study house) to study the theoretical aspects.


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